Risk Management Strategies and Corporate Structures


Trainer: Tom Thurmeier & Ted Cadere
Days: 2

As a business owner, risk management and creditor protection is an important consideration. The greatest risk you face in business is a law suit. Even in the best-planned businesses, unforeseen circumstances and situations can arise. It’s preferable to implement these plans while the business is solvent and there are no pending claims against it. Once claims have been filed, it is often too late to move assets beyond the reach of creditors. Once you are in the middle of a circumstance or situation any risk management you attempt then could be unwound by a good lawyer. If you are a real estate investor you will want to be sure that you set up your investments the right way? Matter of fact we recommend that this is done PRIOR to acquiring any investments – we just believe it is that important! It is essential that your plan involves ensuring you are protected personally, your investments are protected, and you are taking advantage of all possible tax savings and advantages?

For many real estate investors that are purchasing apartments, commercial properties and multi-family homes we suggest a high level of protection from liability in a three tier corporate structure at a minimum. For many businesses experiencing growth and increased profitability, it is not uncommon for excess cash and/or investment assets to accumulate. Shareholders often overlook the fact that these assets are now subject to claims from existing or future creditors. This should be a significant concern for those operating in historically litigious environments – like real estate investment. There are several structuring options available to transfer these assets that can be customized to specific client situations. Make risk management a part of your overall strategy – it is just that important!

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