Rent To Own Done Right

Trainer: Ross Lightle
Days: 2 or 3

There are only four broad categories of exit strategies within real estate investing: Buy-Fix-Sell, Buy-Rent-Hold, Wholesale, and Control Without Ownership (options). Rent to Own is a proven strategy that falls within that last category. It allows you to control vast amounts of property without ever having to qualify for financing or ownership. Options can also be used as a great risk management strategy for an existing portfolio – every experienced investor uses options in multiple ways. Options work in any market – up, down, or sideways.
With the ever increasing mortgage qualifying restrictions the RTO model is becoming a more popular and commonplace alternative to help people who don’t currently qualify for home ownership.

There are generally only three kinds of money: Now (lump sum), Payments (over time), and Future (lump sum). Rent To Own provides all three, depending on how the deal is structured.

Given a specific piece of property, Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the best ways to compare the performance of various exit strategies in an “apples to apples” kind of way. In comparison to other strategies Rent To Own often generates one of the highest ROI – often infinite.
The benefits of controlling property without actually owning it means your credit or money situation is never an issue – good or bad this strategy works! Learn how you can build a real estate business and control multiple properties without ever having to qualify for financing or provide a down payment!

The Rent To Own Done Right system that you will learn, allows anyone to start from nothing, and with a little effort on your part, build a significant real estate portfolio and income in a relatively short period of time. Huge fortunes have been made using options – let RWR help you do the same.

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