Renovations and Contracting Done Right

Trainer: Ross Lightle
Days: 2

In the real estate market, there exist countless strategies for renovating properties for profit.

Some people who renovate properties prefer to do the contracting and actual work on their own. Others like to use project managers while still others prefer hiring a general contractor.

Whatever your preference there is always a fair amount of stress with budgets to adhere to, schedules to organize and deadlines to meet. This training will teach you how to leverage your time and reduce your stress. We will show you the secrets of having the project come together on time and budget.

This two day training will focus on two primary ways for you to have a successful renovation. A successful renovation means the project came in on time and on budget. The two primary ways are;

  1. Being your own General Contractor
  2. Hiring a General Contractor

We want you to leave the Renovations and Contracting training knowing how to;

  • Deal with contractors
  • How to set up the proper paperwork – Bids, PO’s, Contracts
  • How to deal with invoicing, insurance, WCB, statutory declarations, contractor payments, site instruction memo’s, change orders and tracking job costs
  • Building a job schedule, adhering to your timeline and fast tracking a job schedule when necessary
  • Properly analyzing the project before you start to determine Return On Investment, capital investment and cash required
  • Job site inspections
  • Basic instruction on reading blue prints and understanding specifications
  • Deal with building permits
  • Minimize your risk exposure
  • Deal with tenant occupied properties
  • Dealing with lenders, cash draws and cash draw schedules and knowing your breakeven point ahead of time
  • Have a system that will allow you to run multiple jobs effectively without ever being on site

Your trainer has 35+ years of contracting experience and will poor all that experience into you for 2 full days so you can make more money faster, easier, with less headaches, less stress, and less risk.

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