Negotiation Mastery Done Right

Negotiation Mastery Done Right

Trainer: Ross Lightle
Days: 1

Negotiation Mastery is all about turning the people who stand between you and success or failure into enduring allies and partners who are excited about helping you achieve dramatic results…with all stakeholders winning!

Do you prefer taking charge and making things happen rather than following the crowd? Then you no doubt expect to achieve far beyond what most people would consider acceptable or “OK”. You’re not interested in small or incremental results; instead, you want big results and are willing to work exceptionally hard to accomplish them. To that end the best negotiators are the highest paid people in the world!

The word, “negotiate” is defined as, “conferring with another person or persons to come to agreeable terms,” or, in other words, to “reach an agreement”. Effective negotiating certainly may come more easily to some than others; it is, however, a skill that anyone can learn and that everyone SHOULD learn.

The three fundamentals of negotiating, which occur simultaneously, are to:

  • Listen
  • Obtain information
  • Overcome objections

Understanding these three components and knowing how to use them in a way that results in a win-win transaction is the secret to successful negotiation. It isn’t necessary to be pushy, overbearing, loud, forceful, or, most importantly, offensive to be an effective negotiator.
Master Negotiators are very successful people. They achieve dramatic results time and again and they make it look easy. Master Negotiators are extremely popular. They are both liked and admired by the people they interact with. At work, they move up the corporate ladder faster. Their personal lives are more fulfilling and complete. People get excited when they walk into a room.

Master Negotiators understand that negotiation is all about people and nothing else. People are the only things capable of promising things to each other and they are the only things capable of following through on those promises. Companies do not negotiate with companies. If you expect to become a Master Negotiator, you must take seriously the fact that people do things for people; they don’t do things for companies or agencies. Master Negotiators also understand that there is only one thing that motivates people. It’s something called self-interest—what’s in it for me? Every one of us is born with a fundamental desire to satisfy our basic human needs; safety, security, the need to belong, feel good about ourselves and the need to feel we are in control of our lives. These are the bedrock concerns of all human beings, which make them very powerful motivators. Furthermore, each individual has a personal agenda concerning which needs are important and the ways in which her or she prefers to meet those needs. This unique agenda is a person’s self-interest. They do this by figuring out the self-interest of the people who stand between them and success or failure and then connect it with theirs. In other words, they create a situation where these people view pursuing the self-interest of the Master Negotiator (dramatic results) as the best way for them to pursue their own self-interests—the ultimate Win-Win situation.

This training may have the single biggest impact on the rest of your entire life – not just your business life – don’t miss it! Become a master negotiator and watch your results soar!

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