Money 101 Done Right

Understanding Money vs Currency, Inflation, Deflation, Hyperinflation, Wealth Protection – Critical to Any Business and Personal Success

Trainer: Ross Lightle
Days: 2 or 3

Money and currency are right now less predictable, more complex, more chaotic, and illogical, and therefore more needing to be understood than at any other time in human history. To understand the complex situation we have now, we need first to go back to basics to understand it all. What is “money”, really, and why do we have another word for it, “currency”? It is this understanding that will prepare you for the inevitable demise of the fiat currency we now operate under. We will show you how to come out of the currency collapse ahead. It is not impossible that fiat currencies yet persist for some time, that voters vote for austerity, governments develop fiscal prudence, citizens bear down, pay off personal debt, pay higher taxes, and accept reduced government benefits, and we then might have a period of deleveraging to slowly but very painfully unwind the world from our current position while maintaining our faith in fiat. However we don’t think it is likely – do you?

It is more probable that the band-aid will be torn off quickly by the market, and the US dollar and the Euro will vie for the lead in the battle for the bottom. We believe the next crash is a “3 headed monster” – a currency, real estate, and bond crash. While governments and bankers may try to manage a gentle de-leveraging, in examples from history the market has been savage. Typically, the attempts to sustain a fiat status quo involve monetary inflation (and then the unintended hyperinflation) as the means to “solve” the debt crisis in the local currency. If one were certain of the inflationary scenario, debt would be the best thing to have, provided one also possesses inflation-proof hard assets, and/or inflation-indexed income, so that one can meet interest payments. And then go into hyper deflation not owing a dime. We will show you the signs and how to manage this to come out ahead.

Crowd behavior will lead to such paradoxical effects as rushes to US treasuries as a “safe haven” despite what seems an obvious inability for the US to do anything long term but inflate away their global obligations. While the US remains Canada’s largest trading partner, and we link our currencies through the reserve mechanism, Canadians will to some extent get taken along for the US ride. This might be the most important course you ever take to protect you and your family for the inevitable collapse that is WAY beyond our collective control. It is better to be in the know and be prepared to come out of the crash ahead and not be part of the “crowd”.

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