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Now here’s something you won’t hear from other companies offering real estate education. – (CORE TRAINING)

Trainer: Ross Lightle
Days: 2

I’m sure you agree with me it absurd to compare what you can do with a rotary phone with what you can do with a smart phone. How about comparing the first cell phone to the latest in smart phones. You may remember those big bag phones you would put in your car or the huge brick you would carry around with you back in the day.

It really is kind of silly to think about comparing the phones we used 15-20 years ago to what we are using today. So much has changed in society, technology, in the environment and in the economy.

When it comes to real estate and how you invest, what worked 15-20 years ago does not work the same today. However, many real estate education/seminar companies have not kept up with the changes in the economy. Most are teaching you antiquated strategies that would be the equivalent of using that rotary phone to try and access Google Maps. It’s just sad and doesn’t work. Matter of fact it can be downright financially disastrous!

Most of these companies are actually unknowingly teaching people how to go broke! You may not go broke today, this year or even next year, but what we’ve discovered is they are hemorrhaging money between 7-11 years after investing in real estate.
Obviously investing should not go hand in hand with a financial disaster. Nobody invests with that mindset. BUT be careful where you get your advice.

Think about this: 40 years ago the average home was 1 to 2 times the average yearly salary. Today, the average house price is 8 to10 times the average yearly salary. The big issue is that rents for those same houses have NOT gone up 8 to 10 times, so analyzing real estate in a manner that worked 15-20 years ago just doesn’t work today. Your capital investment has gone up but the supporting income has not!
If you want to avoid going broke in real estate you need to understand what works in today’s economic times and what will work for you regardless of what happens to the economy in the future.

In order to do that you will need to understand:

  • How to analyze real estate – simply, logically and unconventionally – analyze real estate for today’s economy and market
  • Why most real estate investors will go broke listening to conventional “wisdom” on investing – be in control and don’t let the lenders or sellers run the deal
  • What should be your focus – passive or active income
  • The “secret” to successful real estate investing is also the “enemy” that can ruin you
  • The 3 “rules” you cannot break to be successful
  • The high level pattern of success
  • The 4 basic exit strategies
  • How to pick a strategy that works in your area
  • The best ways to finance the deals
  • How to minimize your risk
  • How to protect yourself with risk management structures

It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new investor or a seasoned veteran; if you are trying to use your rotary phone method to analyze real estate for investing in today’s economy you are going to be disappointed and broke. What you need is an approach that has kept up with the times and is equivalent to the latest smart phone.

For you, that brand new smart phone comes in the form of a 2-day workshop that will shift your mindset and put you on the track to successful real estate investment.

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