Diamond Coaching

Trainer: Ross Lightle & and the Rich With Ross Inc (RWR) POWER TEAM!
Days: 6

Day 1Ross and his team will walk you through the process of gaining Clarity about your Vision both personally and professionally – your personal and professional life must be congruent for ultimate success. We will dive into the Strategic Acceleration Methodology (Tony Jeary) of Clarity, Focus and Execution. Understanding this proven methodology will transform the way you approach your personal and professional life.

We will discuss the 3 “legs” of your business which are sales, product, and marketing. We also dig deep into the Four Primary Business Practices which are:

  • Structure – what really counts is whether your structure reduces bureaucracy and simplifies work
  • Strategy – must be sharply defined, clearly communicated, and well understood by employees, customers, partners, and investors.
  • Execution – develop and maintain flawless operational execution
  • Culture – corporate culture advocates sometimes argue that if you can make the work fun all else will follow.

Our results suggest that holding high expectations about performance matters a lot more and the Four Secondary Business Practices which are:

  • Innovation – an agile company turns out innovative products and services and anticipates disruptive events in an industry rather than reacting when it may already be too late
  • Leadership – choosing great executives can raise employee and corporate performance significantly
  • Talent – how hold on to talented employees and develop more
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – internally generated growth is essential, but companies that can master mergers and acquisitions have an edge

Discover what area(s) of your business that you need to focus your attention on first. Walk away with a systematic plan to grow your business to the next level.

Day 2 – Consultation with Governance expert Caroline Nobuto. We will create the company vision, mission statement, values, goals and governance. We will walk through the process of incorporation. We will discuss the difference between Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Corporation for use and benefit. We will build a business plan based on your personal and professional vision.

Day 3 – Consultation with Ross and lawyers Tom Thurmeier and Ted Cadere to ensure you are corporately structured for risk management protection and best tax strategies.

Day 4 – Consultation with RWR business accountant and tax strategist.

Day 5Ross will guide you, and we suggest bringing your leadership / management team in so we can cascade the details and learning required to reach your previously defined specific goals. We will work together on the “Road to Mastery” – a proven strategy to get you the success you want in compressed time frames. We will define the high leverage activities you and your team will need to do in order to achieve the desired results in stated and agreed specific time frames.

Day 6Ross will engage you and your leadership / management team in a day of one of the most important skills in your personal and professional life – negotiation. We show how to negotiate to achieve RESULTS. This day alone will change your life! Remember the highest paid people on the planet are the best negotiators and communicators

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