RWR Education – Core Training

The following are the core trainings we suggest that everyone needs to have on their personal road to success:

Design Your Own Life

Design Your Own Life – allows you to get clarity on where you want to go personally and professionally with values that are congruent with you. You will leave with clarity about your future, know what areas of your life you need to focus on, and be equipped to execute on the high leverage activities that will take you where you want to go, and be the very best you can be.

Introduction To Real Estate Done Right – great training for people who are getting started in real estate. If you want to avoid a financial disaster in real estate you need to understand what works in today’s economic times and what will work for you regardless of what happens to the economy in the future.

Introduction To Real Estate Done Right


Coaching – coaching is the fast track to your success. The fastest and safest way through a mine field is to follow the person who has made it. Experience what thousands before you have already discovered and why Ross is in demand as a coach, trainer and speaker. Access decades of best practices, proven results, and an expansive arsenal of tools to help you focus on the high leverage activities that move the results needle so you get the results you want faster! Click here to learn more about Ross and the coaching experience.

Risk Management Done Right – As a business owner, risk management and creditor protection is an important consideration. The greatest risk you face in business is a law suit. Even in the best-planned businesses, unforeseen circumstances and situations can arise. Critical to your long term success is knowing how to reduce your risk through proper corporate structures. Make risk management a part of your overall strategy – it is just that important!

Risk Management Done Right

Accounting and Tax Planning Done Right

Accounting and Tax Planning Done Right – your financial reports are your business report card. As an entrepreneur it is critical that you know what they are, how to read them, and understand what they are telling you so you can make those critical financial decisions before you are in trouble. It is a responsible business owners duty to understand their financial reports and what the numbers are telling you.

Negotiation Done Right – the highest paid people on the planet are the best negotiators and communicators. This is an absolute essential skill if you want to play at the highest levels. Negotiation Mastery is all about turning the people who stand between you and success or failure into enduring allies and partners who are excited about helping you achieve dramatic results…with all stakeholders winning!

Negotiation Done Right

Supplemental Training

Supplemental To The Rich With Ro$$ Core Trainings There Are Seven Courses That Focus On The Actual “Doing” Of Your Profession.

Tenant Management Systems Done Right

It is possible that you would hire a property manager for your Buy-Rent-Hold portfolio. However you will still need the knowledge of how a building should be managed, and what the key indicators are that you need to keep an eye on, so you can ensure the manager you hire improves, not destroys, your good investment!

Renovations and Contracting Done Right

If you are in the RE biz at some point you will be involved directly or indirectly in a renovation and or repair to the property. This training will teach you how to leverage your time and reduce your stress.

Rent to Own Done Right

The idea of controlling property without actually owning it means your credit score or money situation is never an issue – good or bad or none this strategy works! Learn how you can build a real estate business and control multiple properties without ever having to qualify for financing or provide a down payment!

Money 101 Done Right

Money and currency are right now less predictable, more complex, more chaotic, and illogical, and therefore more needing to be understood than at any other time in human history. Knowing the relationship between money, currency, and real estate and how to protect yourself in a financial crisis is critical to your survival.

Introductory Mastermind or Full Power Mastermind

A successful mastermind is one that operates in complete harmony and cooperation for the success of each individual member, as well as for the success of the mastermind group. With the right mastermind group, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish in your business and personal life.

Internet Marketing & Social Media Systems

By using hands-on experience, this training teaches you how to plan, execute, monitor, control, and close an innovative online and social media marketing campaign.

Foreclosures / Power of Sale Done Right

As a professional real estate investor, who is interested in win win situations, it is prudent that you understand the process of both the foreclosure and power of sale process.

Diamond Coaching

Business is a multi facited venture. You need clarity of vision. You need to develop the Four Primary Business Practices and your corporate structure, make sure you are working effectively with your accountant, and learn to negotiate effectively. To accomplish these goals you will need a power team, just like the team we bring in to work with you.

Why Is Education A Continuing Process?

Adult learning, in all measures, has undergone a remarkable evolution from institution and in-house delivered curriculum, through a maturing phase of academic, institute and practitioner course offerings, to today’s world where both live course specific seminars and technology driven distance learning models are utilized.

Lifelong learning is defined as “all learning activity undertaken throughout life, with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competencies within a personal, civic, social and/or employment-related perspective”. Because of the fast paced world we live in, growth and opportunity has emerged in the adult education / avocational learning industry, particularly in personal, professional and wealth related areas. Today, personal, business and financial education and improvement transcend virtually every business, government and organization sector along with many other groups and individuals. Regardless of how well-educated or talented you presently are, or how much success you are currently experiencing, there is no doubt that you will have to improve. Not understanding or recognizing that there is no such thing as maintaining your status quo is a person’s first step backwards in their personal life, career or business.

Whether by design, chance or choice, successful people discover that they are on a constant path of changing and learning new things. Constant change is emerging as the new normal. In order to survive and thrive, organizations and individuals must be able to adjust, and enhance their knowledge and skills to meet evolving needs. This means the most important thing someone can learn is how to learn. It is critical to keeping up with a changing world and the information explosion. The concept of lifelong learning has become of vital importance with the emergence of new technologies that change how we receive and gather information, collaborate with others, and communicate.

As you grow, change and adapt to new circumstances and challenges you develop a sense of self confidence. The lives and the people and organizations around us benefit from the decision to make lifelong learning a part of our lives. This ultimately translates into a stronger business and stronger interpersonal relationships. That is why Rich With Ro$$ exists – to enable you to improve your life and in turn those who you love and are relying on you to serve at your highest level.

Ask yourself, “Is being good, good enough for you and your team?” Many have their targets or focus set on going “from good to great”. Top achievers realize that good is just not good enough in today’s fast paced and competitive world.

Think about the foundational desire that top achievers and leaders demand – RESULTS. Top people want better results. With all the distractions, fast-paced information, and technology advances, life is different than just a few short years ago. Frankly, it’s really different.

How would your world change if you went from good to great? What opportunities could you capitalize on by advancing yourself and your team to that next level? Don’t let YOU be YOUR road block.

I challenge you to implement these core and supplementary trainings from Rich With Ro$$ and watch your success multiply. Engage Rich With Ro$$ today and arrange a free consultation so we can direct you on your customized “road to success”. Contact Rich With Ro$$ today!

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